Where can I find the Call for applications?

The call for applications is published in “Grant”.

How can I apply?

The application must be submitted through the online platform, after completing the registration procedure. Please remember that personal data must be entered in Latin characters exactly as reported in the Passport/ID. The system does not accept alphabets characters other than in Italian or English alphabet. Please note that the insertion of data through “copy and paste” is NOT SUPPORTED by the system (you will receive a message of ERROR).

Are there grants available for my country?

You can check the list of available country here.

In the event of an error in entering the personal data during registration or when filling in the application, is it possible to make changes?

After the application has been sent, it can no longer be changed. Be aware that in case of mistyping it is though necessary to repeat the application with a new email address.

Does the application process involve any fees?

There are no fees related to the processing of the application.

Are there any age limits?

Age limits are different for each type of application. Please check these limits in the “call for applications” section.

Are scholarships limited to the only degree courses provided in the research engine?

No. It is possible to apply for all courses organized by Universities recognized by the Italian Ministry of Research, Education and Universities (MIUR). In this case, you must verify directly with the University you are applying for the existence of the chosen course.

What is a pre-acceptance letter?

It is a letter issued by Universities certifying that the candidate satisfies the necessary requirements to access the course and that confirms the existence of the chosen course. The letter must be requested to the University where you intend to study. This is not a pre-university registration.

If I am applying for IRE scholarships and you are from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, South Africa, Uruguay and Venezuela, which nationality do I have to insert?

Please insert the nationality of the country of residence specifying then, in the CV, the existence of a double citizenship.

Which linguistic certifications are accepted?

Any linguistic certification of a recognized institution. If you have attended university courses in Italian or English, please provide a certification issued by the faculty's language teacher. Self-certification may be valid for candidates from countries where English is an official language (Canada, Great Britain, etc.) and who are applying for courses held entirely in English.