You should be an international student to Italy because Italy speaks many languages: beyond the renowned expertise in the language of the Architecture, Arts, Design and Fashion, Italy is very fluent in the language of Research and Science

Since the first modern University in Europe was founded in Bologna in 1088, Italy has generated a vast expertise in applied sciences thanks to extraordinary scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei, fathers of the scientific method. Later, when the modern world was learning the language of industrialization, Guglielmo Marconi was setting the roots for what years later would become wireless communication. And today, while the whole world speaks the digital language, Italy developed the first commercial desktop computer, known as P101, and soon after the Italian physicist Federico Faggin was inventing the first commercial microprocessor.

Italy reveals its fluency also in the language of physics, thanks to extraordinary personalities such as Fabiola Giannotti who led the project which brought to the discovery of the Higgs Boson, as well as in the language of neuroscience, through the discovery of mirror neurons by the outstanding neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti.

Such incredible achievements are the result of an exceptional educational system based on solid notions, rigorous scientific method and creative approach which together foster critical thinking, flexibility and the ability to solve complex problems. The Maria Montessori method and the Reggio Children approach are landmarks of a child-centered education methodology that have been implemented in 20,000 schools all over the world.

It all started under the arcades of Italian Universities that have always been driven by its passion for Research and Innovation. Italy proudly holds the highest rate record of academic publications on research magazines of excellence in Europe, with a focus on biology, natural sciences, physics, pharmacy, medicine, mathematics and computer science. Italian researchers and professors are highly appreciated and hired in the most renowned International Universities.

With 67 vibrant public universities, 19 private universities and 21 public research organizations, groundbreaking university programs, 144 AFAM institutions (Centers for higher artistic education) and over 300 courses held in English, Italy will teach you more than Italian..

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Study in Italy and you will speak many languages!